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American singer and guitarist, one of the most popular performers of rock 'n' roll. Recording his songs diverged millions. His early hits such as "Hotel, Heartbreak," "Shepherd," "Love Me Tender" (all - 1956) created a unique vocal style, which absorbed the South American blues, religious songs, country music and R & B -blues. Frequently appeared on television. He acted in 33 films, among them: "Love to You" and "Prison Rock" (both - 1957). He died in Memphis of a drug overdose.
was a singer, which shine before others faded pop star. It is through him the world was firmly established rock music. The second shock like the world has experienced only six years later, when there was a group "The Beatles".
Elvis Presley was born January 8, 1935 in a very poor family. On the 11th anniversary of his parents gave him a guitar because they could not afford to buy a bike - the dream of his son. Young Elvis was known as a troublemaker and a rebel, was clothed with wild colors and frightening parents hair. His idol was James Dean. Nevertheless, he was a religious and always went to church with my parents.
After high school, Elvis got a job as a truck driver. The first record cost him $ 4 - it gave her mother a birthday party. Elvis heard from Sam Phillips recording companies "Sun Records".
Photo — Elvis Presley
Photo — «Elvis Presley»
Sam used to say: "If I found a white, who would sing like a Negro, I would have earned millions of dollars." Soon after a fierce, powerful, sexual performance of Elvis. Earned car show business, came to fame for Presley.
Languid eyes, rotating the hip, animal passion drives you crazy women of all ages. Was this mass insanity. In 1955, Elvis became manager Tom Parker, nicknamed the Colonel. That same year, Presley signed a contract with "Al-Si-Yo Records," one of the largest U.S. record companies, bought his first "Cadillac" (pink) and gave it to her mother.
In 1956 he made his first million, a year later relocated his parents and
grandmother in "Graceland", a new 23-bedroom house in Memphis. Thirty years Elvis became the highest-paid musician in the history of show business. During his lifetime, earned more than a billion dollars. Television program "Ed Sullivan Show" with Elvis looked 54 million Americans. Ratings on TV Elvis was higher than that of U.S. President Eisenhower.
It has a living incarnation of the American Dream was another side. Money and fame have turned his life into a continuous agony. Elvis was forced to keep night life, the day appeared on the streets only when accompanied by guards. He took drugs, was mentally unstable person, and any careless word or inadequate action caused him attack a wild rage.
Photo — Elvis Presley
Photo — «Elvis Presley»
Elvis surrounded himself with a crowd of close friends, the Southerners who were nicknamed the "Memphis Mafia." They acted as bodyguards and assistants of the King, as they called Elvis.
The last years of his life spent in a drugged Presley dope. He shattered health, he was very fat. Fans of Elvis depressed, because "the King of Rock and Roll" in their view, had no right to grow old. The singer is increasingly disappointed in life and became a slave of its contracts by up to one hundred and fifty a year. He never would have withstood such pressures without accompanying him in all the tour Nikopulosa doctor. Before each performance Presley ginger with the help of strong stimulants, and then allowed himself to "break" to again fall half asleep in a hotel room or in an airplane "Lisa Marie".
Presley's many biographers say that he admired a woman - his mother, Gladys, who devoted his life to his son. When she died in 1958, Elvis long time to recover.
In 1959, while serving in Germany, Elvis met a 14 year-old Priscilla Beaulieu, the daughter of an American officer. Yielding to the entreaties of Presley, Priscilla father allowed to move from Germany to the palace, "Graceland." The girl attended a Catholic school in Memphis. According to the Secretary of Elvis, they became close soon after moving to the United States.
Much love to the singer did not prevent the raiding of Hollywood, where he had a lot of lovers, among them movie stars such as Ann-Margret, Juliet Prowse and Tyusdey Weld.
Elvis married Priscilla 21-year May 1, 1967.
Photo — Elvis Presley
Photo — «Elvis Presley»
The wedding ceremony took place in Las Vegas. The bride was presented with a diamond ring in 13 carat.
Exactly nine months to the day, was born the daughter of Lisa Marie Presley, who would become his wife of the famous scandal of the new king of rock 'n' roll by Michael Jackson.
Their married life first evolved successfully, but then tired of communicating with Priscilla "Memphis Mafia", bezvylazno live in "Graceland", not seeing her husband for weeks. When Elvis appeared still at home, they practically had no personal life, because everywhere there were his friends.
Priscilla has gone from rock singer to a well-known karate Mike Stone. They parted in 1972, a year later divorced. After the divorce, Priscilla received a $ 2 million. Elvis has lost the most precious thing he had - his love. He began to seek solace in drugs, women, work and eat.
The most significant relationship to life Priscilla was Elvis, after his affair with Linda Thompson, "Miss Tennessee." Beauty-Yuzhanka, model, truly loved Elvis, and tried to please him in everything. Linda has lived with the singer several years, but even she could not forgive his betrayals Elvis.
All over the inhibitory effect exerted on him by the fact that he could no longer endure their usual lifestyle. Elvis women were needed, as well as drugs to alleviate fear of its existence - and he was "consumed" them in large quantities.
Photo — Elvis Presley
Photo — «Elvis Presley»
For twenty years, pretty girl rushed into his arms, eager to serve the idol. However, in recent years Elvis was in a very delicate situation: the legendary lover became impotent.
Signs of degradation is most obviously manifested in the novel with Ginger Alden, 20-year-old wayward girl, whom he intended to marry. Elvis bought her a diamond ring in 11 carat, and kneeling, offered his hand and heart. Ginger took the ring, and then a luxury, "Cadillac", but refused to be with him everywhere.
Often, when Elvis was immersed under the influence of drugs in a heavy sleep, she went home instead of spending the night with him. She had no desire to leave his family and live with Presley before the marriage is concluded.
This attitude infuriated Elvis usually takes any dissent for treason. Nevertheless, he did not give up the romantic dreams of marrying a beautiful girl and so get rid of the thought of Priscilla, his ex-wife who has abandoned him for Mike Stone.
Elvis found comfort, meeting occasionally with one of her girlfriends past or with some young girl from Memphis, who invited his assistant. Minden Miller, a fashion model from Los Angeles, which appeared later in the film, Brian De Palma was one of the oldest hobbies Presley. Elvis liked who liked exotic dark beauty and gorgeous body Miller.
Photo — Elvis Presley
Photo — «Elvis Presley»
Another beautiful Darkie on behalf of Alicia Dzhervin appeared on his horizon in the summer of 1977. She was with Elvis during the last trip to Las Vegas. There he took a dose of drugs, which she hastened to interrupt the connection.
He always liked very young girls. Priscilla was only 14 years old when they met. The last "holiday" Elvis was the Rice Smith, a 15-year-old student from Memphis. Elvis adored her. He met with her parents gave gifts. She was a tall blonde with thick hair and very seductive voice. Rice was the last great passion of Elvis. But she did not hesitate to leave him, consoled only by a time of his growing sadness.
The daughter of Elvis, Lisa Marie, who often visited the palace, "Graceland" has not received adequate parental attention. To appease the conscience, Elvis presents her expensive gifts. Lisa Marie was nine years old when he died. Shortly before his death, tormented by guilt, Elvis, crying, exclaimed: "I would like to be a better father!" And two weeks before his death, as if wishing to pay all before "out of the game," Elvis Billy Stanley invited to his palace in tears and apologized for the fact that a few years ago, had seduced his wife.
Sometimes Elvis had thoughts of suicide. In 1967, shortly before his marriage to Priscilla, he was close to suicide.
Photo — Elvis Presley
Photo — «Elvis Presley»
He had profound doubts about the wedding, and he tried to get a reprieve. An end to these doubts, Colonel Parker put it, demanded a final decision. His condition was such that if Elvis Priscilla cast, it will be publicly accused of cohabiting with a juvenile. Feeling the pressure, Elvis once severely quarreled with Priscilla and took a strong dose of drug, after which he was found unconscious in his room. Doctors could hardly have led him to his senses.
It is obvious that in the last week of the tragic Elvis pursued the idea of ??death. David Stanley is convinced that the ideas embodied in the act under the influence of two intolerable perspectives: public reaction to the scandalous book of his former bodyguards and the need for appearance before fans at the new tour.
At dawn on August 15, 1977 Elvis retired to his apartment with Ginger. Some time later he sent a guard for drugs. The next day Ginger woke up and went in search of Elvis. She found it crooked on the bathroom floor. Frightened, she called for help. Quickly ran to the family members, security guards.
Instead of accepting the contents of the package with a potent drug for dilaudida usual schedule, Elvis took a huge dose of all this at once, and even added a hefty dose of codeine. No one would have sustained such a load - and Elvis could not know that ...
The front lawn of Elvis in Memphis was filled with thousands of his fans who did not want to believe that they will never be their King - Elvis Presley.
In 1998 in England, published by "Little, Brown and Company," was published a scandalous book June Dzhuaniko "In the twilight of memory", in which he claimed to be the bride of Elvis, and if the union of a success, it could save him from self-destruction and imminent death.
Cover photo of sensational memoirs speaks for itself, being conclusive documents confirming once existed love! The picture shows two young men embrace, apparently, happy and in love with each other.
Photo — Elvis Presley
Photo — «Elvis Presley»
It was dated 1956. Young babe - June, and her lover - Elvis Presley himself. Their love story began in 1955, in the small town of Biloxi, Miss., where she was June. She often met with novice singer. Young people are madly in love with each other and planned to marry as soon as Elvis will be on their feet. Gradually, June began to notice that her lover was often lost, and in magazines flashed incriminating photos of her future husband's reputation with young fans. June suffered, but continued to wait for the promised wedding. December 25, 1956 Elvis called her on Christmas Day and begged pardon of his forced absence, the workload associated with the emergency.
In the meantime, thank Presley gaining momentum, and he lingered with his decision to link itself with June. A girl, barely twenty, had already lost hope, twisting affair with a businessman Febianom Taranto. Virtually on the eve of her wedding with him, she suddenly received a telegram from Presley to immediately meet with him at the station Union Station in New Orleans. Jung was with the firm intention to break issyakshuyu love, which has lost all meaning after so many months of separation. Elvis met her at the station in a luxury limousine.
"I've never seen him so much love and emotion - wrote in his book, June Dzhuaniko. - Gathering all his strength, I'm barely holding back tears, told him that between us all over and I'm going to marry someone else.
Photo — Elvis Presley
Photo — «Elvis Presley»
I see how contorted by suffering his face, and suddenly realized that his long absence was not escape from me, but only the desire to pave the way for our happy life. He never cheated on me mentally! But what could I do then? I threw him in face criticism that I am not a toy, you give up when the game is boring, and that is still young and did not want to ruin his life in aimless waiting ephemeral groom. I also said that, despite all this, I continue to love him, and perhaps this love will last forever in the heart. "
They parted. The next morning, June learned from the papers that Elvis bought a private estate "Graceland" for his future bride (he told reporters about it.) And she realized how important it was for him a desire to be with her!
They met again six years later. And June cried when I saw it on the dresser old photograph in which Elvis and it was still so young and full of hope for the best happiness. This image never left him.
Today, close friends and surviving relatives acknowledged that the June Dzhuaniko really was the only woman in the life of Elvis, whom he truly loved. And what if she was with him and agreed to become his wife, could have saved him from drugs and drinking. After all, he respected and reckoned with its opinion.
But can not rewrite history, like turning back the clock.
Photo — Elvis Presley
Photo — «Elvis Presley»