100 Best Songs with a Girl's Name in the Title: 41-60


The other day I was looking at an album that had several songs with a girl's name in the title.  Then I started thinking of some others 'Girl's Name Songs" and decided to compile a list of my favorites - there are hundreds of them! Shrinking the list is proving to be quite a challenge, so I'm going to limit it to 100. Videos are provided for some of the tracks and audio players for others.  As always, if you are interested in purchasing any of the songs, please click on the song title to be redirected to the Amazon MP3 store. Please come back for the rest of the series and be sure to join us on Facebook. Thanks for reading. By the way, the songs are not ranked, just numbered.  - Bret

41.  Blue Jean - David Bowie


Today starts a new series here on Life On This Planet: The 50 Best Bass Lines of All Time:  Part 1.

I have been playing bass for over 20 years now and I learned a long time ago that a great bass part does not have to be technically amazing and flashy (although sometimes it could be) - it just has to #1: be creative, #2: fit the song and #3: be memorable.  

The following list is not in any particular order, except for the #1 pick.  :)  I have lots of songs to go through, so stay tuned for Part 2.  Please enjoy.

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Circling the Sun Machine: Re-thinking David Bowie’s 'Space Oddity'

An older cousin introduced me to David Bowie’s Space Oddity, an album he insisted he hadn’t purchased. It had mysteriously appeared in his stack of records and he wanted me to take it off his hands; it would have made him a pariah to own it, even if he acquired it unintentionally. To be clear, there once was a time when Bowie was decidedly not cool. On this, Bowie’s second album under his own name, he had already made himself a mostly unfathomable other, but more importantly had brought moral doubt and condemnation on those who dared listen to him. If you were so unlucky as to have to have been caught with this album under your arm, no explanation could rescue you from the indelible mark it would leave on your character. This was a moral burden not demanded of the typical Beatles or Stones listener.

I remember sitting cross-legged before the album cover of Space Oddity, turning it over in my hands as the record played. Any other specifics about the room or other albums in my cousin’s collection are lost to me. It may be that I began to lose memory as soon as I became acquainted with Bowie’s work. I had always assumed that a particularly brutal group of childhood peers had erased my good memories with the bad; that trauma had turned all my classmates into a ragged gang, ready to nail anyone to a board, even for something as simple as the wrong taste in clothes or music.

cover art
Judging by such extreme reactions, one might think this was a serious time in American music and aesthetics. In fact, the radio played such schlock, it functioned as part of a larger cultural trauma, punk becoming its eventual outcome, a kind of cultural acting-out necessitated by an achingly dull predictability on the radio. Somewhere between 1968 and 1977, the best music was positioned alongside some of the worst. It was the time when the Carpenters were the top of the charts, groomed for their performance at the Nixon White House, and the rise of new Republicanism from the suburbs of L.A. seemed to dictate public taste. If I’m painting music with a wide brush, it’s because it felt, from American top-ten radio anyway, that there was a terrible whitewash underway. The charts lit up with such keenly discriminated gems as Bobby Goldsboro’s “Honey” and Gilbert O’ Sullivan’s “Alone Again, Naturally” or the more repulsively pandering, “Clair”, and, of course, anything by Bread. While there were plenty of classic songs produced during that period, some of the most successful music—the songs that sat on the charts for weeks—felt like an aural Quaalude. Anyone who had the pleasure of using Quaaludes at that time knows that they made you horny and wiped your memory at the same time, both essential for the “story song”, “the cancer song”, and the long decline of disco.

Week in Review: Revisiting David Bowie's Ascent to Stardom as Ziggy Stardust

david bowie ziggy stardust
David Bowie performs during his Ziggy Stardust/Aladdin Sane tour in London.
Michael Putland/Getty Images

In the latest issue of Rolling Stone, Mikal Gilmore looks back on David Bowie's incredible rise to superstardom as Ziggy Stardust and his subsequent career as rock's greatest changeling. In an excerpt from the story, Gilmore details how a conflict with Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page had the singer heading off to Los Angeles to study occult texts while subsisting on a diet of peppers, milk and cocaine.

Photos: David Bowie Through the Years

We also went behind the scenes of forthcoming albums by Bruce Springsteen, John Mayer, the Mountain Goats, the National and Best Coast, and talked to Common about his ongoing beef with Drake. Plus, we looked at how 10 top songwriters make their money, listed Jack White's greatest collaborations, reviewed live gigs by Springsteen and Rick Ross, analyzed this week's charts and looked back on this week in rock history.

Photos: Remembering Etta James

In pop culture, Peter Travers praised Gina Carano's performance in the new action flick Haywire, we panned Ricky Gervais' performance as host of the Golden Globes, Aziz Ansari told us about his introspective new standup show and we recapped the season premiere of American Idol along with fresh episodes of Glee and Jersey Shore.

Photos: Random Notes

Our Weekend Rock Question for you this week is: Who is the most unique singer of all time? You can answer on our website, at facebook.com/rollingstone or on Twitter using the #weekendrock hashtag.

David Bowie | Bowie Congratulates Weller After Twins' Birth | Contactmusic

David Bowie sent his congratulations to new father Paul Weller after learning the rocker had named one of his twin boys after him.

Weller became a dad again when his wife Hannah gave birth to two boys earlier this month (Jan12) and the couple has called them John-Paul and Bowie.

The star's grown-up son Natt, from his marriage to backing singer Dee C. Lee, has now revealed the Heroes hitmaker sent the new parents a big bunch of flowers with his congratulations.

Natt tells Britain's Daily Mirror, "He's really happy. David sent them a huge bouquet."

40 Years Ago This Month: David Bowie Announces "I'm gay"

40 Years Ago This Month: David Bowie Announces "I'm gay"

Why let being married and having a son get in the way of making a big splash?

In an interview for the January 22, 1972 issue of Melody Maker David Bowie told interviewer Michael Watts "I'm gay and always have been."

David's present image is to come on like a swishy queen, a gorgeously effeminate boy. He's as camp as a row of tents, with his limp hand and trolling vocabulary. "I'm gay," he say's, "and always have been, even when I was David Jones." But there's a sly jollity about how he says it, a secret smile at the corners of his mouth. He knows that in these times it's permissible to act like a male tart, and that to shock and outrage, which pop has always striven to do throughout it's history, is a ballsbreaking process. And if he's not an outrage, he is, at the least, an amusement. The expression of his sexual ambivalence establishes a fascinating game: is he, or isn't he?
-Michael Watts, Melody Maker

If the gesture was meant to shock Bowie's waning career back to life, it worked. The press had a feeding frenzy and kids raced into the store to buy Hunky Dory. "Changes" hit the Billboard charts in the US and "Starman", released in April of '72, would go Top 10 in the UK. That summer Bowie would release Ziggy Stardust, a UK Top 5 album that still sits atop critics' lists of best all-time rock albums. And in September he'd release "John, I'm Only Dancing", a single with such homosexual overtones it was judged too risque for release in America.

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Nokia signs up Bowie in war on the iPod

Nokia is to take on Apple and Microsoft in an online music download war. The Finnish mobile phone company has signed up  to promote its new service, which is to be launched tomorrow.
It hopes to challenge Apple's dominance of the online market by making it easy for people to download music to their phone.
Nokia has also signed up 40 key record stores around the world to recommend music.
'We've recruited the most knowledgeable people, from the best record shops around the world, whose day jobs are to listen to thousands of tracks every week and recommend the best,' said David Robertson of Nokia. 'It's like an online store of Nick Hornby's High Fidelity 40 times over.'
Each song from Nokia's site, which will include rare and difficult-to-find tracks, will cost 10p more than songs from Apple. However, the company hopes the calibre-of the record stores and  will persuade consumers to pay more.
Experts say Nokia, despite having sold more than 80m mobile phones with music-playing capacity, could struggle against Apple and its iPod. The company has more than 80% of the UK download market.
'Nokia has a really tough battle on its hands,' said James Beechinor-Collins, the editor of gadget magazine T3. 'Online music is really controlled by Apple, and they have a bigger range of music, and are cheaper.
'But the Nokia service is offering something different for the more discerning listener'. Music fans can sign up to musicrecommenders.com for free and receive personalised recommendations every month.
'I think that services like iTunes are the supermarket of the online world, with lots of content but no guidance for consumers,î said Simon Singleton of Pure Groove Records in London, one of the stores taking part.
'What this offers is hand selected music that is the best in its genre. For instance, we will be picking tracks from up and coming bands in the British indie and dance scene that aren't even available on iTunes.'
Zune tunes from Microsoft 'set to challenge the iPod'
Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer is confident that the ability to share songs on its new Zune player over a wireless network, will challenge the dominant position of the iPod.
Microsoft was today launching the 30-gigabyte Zune and starting selling songs to US buyers at the online Zune Marketplace - directly challenging Apple's iTunes music store. The Zune will cost £131 in the US. Ballmer said he sees wireless technology, allowing users to beam photos and songs to one another, compensating for Apple's early-mover advantage because the iPod does not offer that feature yet.

Bowie rocks the Isle of Wight

More than 70,000 music lovers lapped up the sunshine this weekend as they listened to The Who and  at the revived Isle of Wight Festival.
As well as the music, the recreation ground site at Newport was crammed with people wearing England football shirts and waving the St George's Cross in support of the national team's match against France in Euro 2004.
The game was being screened from the main stage between acts.
The highlight for many at the festival was The Who, who thrilled the crowd with a selection of their greatest hits in a two-hour performance last night which was a throwback to the band's legendary performance in 1970 - the last of the original Isle of Wight Festivals.
Speaking in an interview with Virgin Radio, The Who frontman Roger Daltrey spoke of his nerves at being able to live up to the expectations of their many fans at the festival.
He said: "You always doubt your ability because you never really succeed in doing what you want to do and that's why I keep coming back." Bowie closed the event last night.
Other newer bands taking to the stage during the three-day event were Snow Patrol, Jet and 22-20s as well as established names such as Stereophonics and Manic Street Preachers.
The Isle of Wight Festivals at the end of the 1960s were a series of legendary events featuring Bob Dylan, The Who, Free, The Doors, Joni Mitchell and Jefferson Airplane culminating in 1970 with 600,000 hippies descending on the island to see Jimi Hendrix perform his penultimate concert.
As documented in the film Message to Love and celebrated in songs such as Oasis's F***ing in the Bushes, the festival has entered music history and was heralded as the European answer to Woodstock.

A magical performance from Bowie...or is that Ricky?

Double vision: Bowie in The Prestige and comic Ricky Gervais
He delighted his fans with a cameo in the TV show Extras.
And something must have rubbed off because in his latest film  bears an amazing resemblance to Ricky Gervais.
In fact, the characters couldn?t be more different as the 59-year-old pop star in his takes on his first high-profile film role for nearly a decade.
The Prestige also stars Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Scarlett Johansson, Andy Serkis and Michael Caine.
The film centres around two magicians in turn-of-the-century London whose battle over trade secrets turns them into killers.
Bowie plays inventor and electrical wizard Nikola Tesla, who is approached by one of the two competing magicians for help in pulling off the ultimate magic trick.
You?ll have to see the movie to find out if they?re having a laugh...

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Bowie pulls out of festival

Rock legend  has pulled out of next weekend's T in the Park music festival, it was announced today.
The superstar had been due to headline Saturday night's main stage bill at Scotland's biggest music festival.
But today it was revealed he had been forced to cancel because of a shoulder injury.
The star was forced to cut short a gig in Prague last Wednesday because of pain in his shoulder.
He then cancelled dates in Vienna and Salzburg, and today confirmed he would not play any of the remaining dates on his European tour.
A statement on Bowie's official website told fans the 57-year-old had "very reluctantly" accepted doctors' advice not to play.
The statement said: "Due to the continuing pain and extreme discomfort from a trapped/pinched nerve in his shoulder and to prevent possible further injury,  has been advised by his doctors to cancel his performances at the 11 remaining European dates throughout July.
"Due to the unpredictable nature of the condition and in an effort to give fans as much warning as possible, (and indeed, to aid promoters in finding a replacement headliner in time for the festival dates) David very reluctantly agreed to take the advice."
In addition to T In The Park, Bowie was also scheduled to play festivals in France, Belgium, Ireland, Spain and Switzerland.
The statement on the star's website continued: "David, and everybody involved with the tour, is very sorry for the hardship that this difficult decision may have caused.
"We realise that many of you will have lost money on non-refundable travel and festival tickets.
"But anybody that knows David will understand that he doesn't take these decisions lightly and I'm sure you all realise how bad he will be feeling about not being able to complete the tour."
Bowie had been the star attraction at this year's T in the Park, which takes place at Balado in Perth and Kinross on July 10/11.
The singer was the main draw for thousands of fans, who have forked out up to £88 a ticket for the weekend event.

Bowie the alien to star in Dr Who

 Rock legend  is set to star in Dr Who ? as an evil alien abductor.
The singer who found fame as a cross-dressing glam rock star Ziggy Stardust in the 70s will cross swords with the Tardis's Time Lord, actor David Tennant when he kidnaps crime author Agatha Christie.
Scroll down for more...
Producers said Bowie, 60, will make a perfect villain because of his "great other-worldly look".
But the singer's willingness to appear in the two-part Dr Who special will come as a surprise to his fans.
Scroll down for more...
Bowie as an alien in the 1976 film The Man Who Fell to Earth
The singer who has starred in appeared in over 20 films including Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence, Labyrinth, and Absolute Beginners, has often complained that after playing an alien in cult movie The Man Who Fell To Earth, he was only offered roles as "green-headed Martians".
Although he became famous for his exotic painted looks as alter-ego Ziggy Stardust during his glam rock heyday, Bowie is reported to have expressed interest only if he is not required through hours of make-up for the TV show.
Scroll down for more...
Now married to model Iman, Bowie, who had a heart attack in 2004 was approached for the part by Dr Who chiefs. They were impressed with his performance as an inventor in 2006 movie The Prestige.
A spokesman for Bowie denied he was involved.
But an insider on the show, which stars David Tennant as the Time Lord, said: "Bowie said he'd be interested as long as he's not subjected to hours of disfiguring make-up."
The star joins celebrities Kylie Minogue and Catherine Tate as a guest stars on the popular show. The programme will be shown on BBC1 next year.

Bowie and Sting set to launch burlesque bar

Rock legends Sting and , who have a combined fortune of £287 million, are collaborating on a surprising new project - a New York burlesque club.
The pair have both confirmed they are in talks about financing a new venue in the city.
They were approached to invest in the venture by nightclub entrepreneur Ivan Kane, who wants to expand his existing chain of Forty Deuce clubs into Manhattan. He has even identified a potential venue, on West 21st Street and 10th Avenue in th fashionable Chelsea district.
Burlesque - based on the erotic cabarets that scandalised Parisian society between the wars - is now enjoying a fashionable revival thanks to its mix of old Hollywood glamour and postmodern fetishim. Its biggest star is Dita Von Teese, wife of rocker Marilyn Manson.
Kane describes his existing venues in Hollywood and Las Vegas as "intimate, classy lounges where women titillate," adding that they
are "pushing the envelope in terms of sexuality, decadence and voyeurism".
Sting, whose hits include An Englishman In New York, is a regular visitor to Manhattan's strip clubs with his 51-year-old wife Trudie Styler, and has spoken of his admiration for strippers and prostitutes.
He once said: "No one could call me reactionary or dull. I've never met a whore I didn't like."
Lonnie Hanover, owner of Manhattan lap-dancing club Scores, told how Trudie often buys her husband dances: "Sting has been a regular for more than ten years. He often comes in with Trudie and he is very popular with the girls."
Sting, 54, earned himself a reputation for being a perfect gentleman with the strippers - by asking the girls to keep their clothes on when they perform.
Bowie, who had a well-deserved reputation as a hell raiser during his Seventies heyday, does not share Sting's appetite for strip clubs. At 59, he now lives a quieter life in New York with his wife, Somalian model Iman, and five-year-old daughter Alexandria.
Forty Deuce's Los Angeles club is a favourite with the stars, and boasts regular visits from Mick Jagger, George Clooney and Playboy owner Hugh Hefner. While the clubs are renowned for their tantalising striptease shows, a spokesman said: "There is no actual nudity involved in the dances.
"The girls, who are handpicked from around the world by Ivan and his muse Champagne Suzy, perform in sexy outfits, but only strip down to reveal flesh coloured bras and panties."
Both Sting and 's publicists confirmed that they were in talks with Kane over backing the planned strip joint. A spokesman for Bowie said: "I know that David has been approached by Ivan Kane, but as yet nothing has been signed."
And Sting's American publicist said: "Ivan Kane has offered Sting the investment, and while he is considering it, to date he has not signed any documents."

Bowie lands new movie role

Rock idol has landed a new movie role, playing the inventor and electrical genius Nikola Tesla.
Bowie, 58, will star alongside Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale and Michael Caine in forthcoming film The Prestige, according to movie industry magazine Variety.
Tesla is regarded as one of the greatest scientists in the history of technology and one of the most innovative engineers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
The Serbian electrical engineer, who became an American citizen, was hailed in his lifetime as a "magician" who conjured up amazing technical feats.
The new thriller is based on a 1996 novel by Christopher Priest. In the film, Tesla is approached by one of two rival magicians in turn-of-the-century London for help in pulling off the ultimate magic trick.
The Prestige will be directed by Briton Christopher Nolan, whose previous films include Batman Begins.
Bowie's previous film roles have included parts in The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976), Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence (1983), Basquiat (1996), and, most recently, Mr Rice's Secret (2000).
Bowie became friendly with Nolan when he wrote the tune Something In The Air for the close of Nolan's breakthrough film, Memento.
Filming will begin on The Prestige in January.

Paul Weller, 53, becomes a Modfather again to twins Bowie and John Paul with new wife Hannah, 25

Paul Weller's young wife has given birth to twin boys - and the couple have named one after Weller's longtime rival .
The 53-year-old rocker now has seven children by four women after welcoming his sons with Hannah Andrews, 25, on Saturday.
A statement on the former The Jam frontman's website announced the news today.
A father again: Paul Weller's wife Hannah, 25, has given birth to twin boys, named Bowie and John Paul
A father again: Paul Weller's wife Hannah, 25, has given birth to twin boys, named Bowie and John Paul
It read: 'Paul and his wife Hannah are happy to announce that their twins John Paul and Bowie were born on Saturday.
'Both boys are healthy and doing well following the birth and Paul and Hannah are thrilled and over the moon.
'Paul would like to thank his fans for all their well wishes over the last few months.
'Congratulations to Paul and Hannah!'
Paul has clearly buried the hatchet with Starman singer David Bowie, after naming one of the boys after him.
In the past he has been less than flattering about the eccentric star.
When asked about his lifetime achievement award at The Brits, Weller snapped: 'Wrong! I like about three records of his. The rest of it's pish.'
Congratulations! A message on Paul's official website announced the happy news
Congratulations! A message on Paul's official website announced the happy news
But in 2008 he revealed he had started to like him again.
'I'm a born-again Bowie freak,' he told Mojo magazine.
'The next time he sees me I'll have a f****** great Aladdin Sane flash on me boat race.

'Every night we'd drive home to London after recording and have Ziggy Stardust on five or six times.
Buried the hatchet? Paul has named one of his sons after his rival David Bowie
Buried the hatchet? Paul named one of his sons after his rival
'Low's one of my favourite records anyway. Whatever gripes I've had about Bowie in the past, Low's been a constant since I bought it in 1977.'

The Sun reported that Bowie read the interview and sent him an email thanking him for the kind words, but he attached a picture of himself from the 1960s, joking that Paul had stolen his haircut
It was only revealed in November that Hannah was pregnant.
She is 27 years younger than the singer and two years older than his son Natt, 23.
The couple married in a small ceremony on the Italian island of Capri in September 2010 after two years of dating.
They met when Hannah provided vocals for his 2008 LP 22 Dreams, and then toured with him and his band.
Their romance started shortly after Paul split from his partner of 13 years Samantha Stock, with whom he has daughter Jesamine and son Stevie Mac.
He has a son Natt and daughter Leah with his ex-wife Dee C. Lee, a backing singer with his band after The Jam, The Style Council.
And he has another daughter, Dylan, by a short-lived relationship with a make-up artist called Lucy.

Paul - nicknamed the Modfather - spoke about his controversial age gap with Hannah in 2010.
Family man: Paul with his two eldest children, model Leah, and musician Natt
Family man: Paul with his two eldest children, model Leah, and musician Natt
'I've got a new girl, Hannah - she's lovely,' he told the Sunday Times magazine.
'There's an age-gap, but I don't have to justify that - I couldn't give a monkey's... It's not like Hannah's a kid; she's 25.
'As far as I'm concerned, she could have been 34 or 44 - I haven't got a thing about young chicks. I like all women. What can I say? I'm in love and that's that.
'We work, we're in love, and we complement each other. She just fills a part of me. I've been in love before, but I've never felt as fulfilled as this.'
Paul has also previously revealed how difficult it was for him to leave Samantha.
'Splitting up was f***ing hard as well. But at the end of the day, I've fallen in love with someone else.
'You can't live a lie. You have to follow your heart.'

'David’s generosity helped my mother and me survive': How Bowie saved Marc Bolan's son

My 20th century dad: Marc Bolan
My 20th century dad: Marc Bolan
With a purple feather boa draped around his neck, his eyes coated with mascara and his cheeks flecked with glitter, glam rocker Marc Bolan floated through the psychedelic Sixties and early Seventies like an exotic butterfly.
He wore 6in platforms, and had a wardrobe of satin jackets in every vibrant colour from canary yellow to shocking pink, with crushed velvet trousers to match. He made no secret of his bisexuality or his battle with drink and drugs, but shrugged off the dangers.
‘I am too beautiful to live and too young to die,’ he liked to say as he preened defiantly. But he would die, at the age of 29, when his Mini — custom-painted in his favourite colour, electric purple — hit a tree on September 16, 1977.
His legacy were the hits made with his band, T. Rex, including Ride A White Swan, Born To Boogie and Hot Love, and a style of dress and music that inspired stars from Elton John and to Guns N’ Roses, Oasis and Morrissey.
Bolan’s name also lives on through his  singer/songwriter son, Rolan, who was a few days short of his second birthday when his father died. ‘I have almost no memory of my father,’ says Rolan, now 35, but whenever I hear his music it’s as if I can feel him holding me.’
Rolan’s mother is American-born singer Gloria Jones, Marc’s partner of six years, who was driving the Mini when it crashed. The impact destroyed her vocal cords and ended her singing career, which — combined with complications over Marc’s estate — condemned her to years of financial hardship. She now runs an orphanage in Sierra Leone.
Mother and son will be at the opening of a new musical about Marc, which begins a UK tour next month before heading for the West End. It is called 20th Century Boy, after one of Marc’s hits, and promises to be a no-holds-barred account of the elfin singer’s bizarre life.

‘My parents liked to take me everywhere with them,’ says Rolan. ‘But unusually, on the night of the crash they left me with my grandparents while they went to dinner.’
The Mini spun out of control in Barnes, South-West London, a mile from Marc and Gloria’s mansion home. Neither of them was wearing seat belts and Marc, flung out of the front passenger seat, was killed instantly.
‘I’ve seen pictures of the wrecked car,’ says Rolan. ‘If I’d been in my usual place in the back, there was no way I would have survived.’
Happy families: Rolan as a baby with his parents Marc Bolan and Gloria Jones
Happy families: Rolan as a baby with his parents Marc Bolan and Gloria Jones
He adds: ‘My earliest memory is of visiting my mother in hospital. She had a broken jaw, leg and foot and severe internal injuries, and was too ill to be told Dad had died.
‘One terrible irony is that when I was born my father had slowed down his lifestyle because he took his responsibilities as a parent very seriously. Apparently he was being reflective about his own future because punk was taking over from glam rock.
‘The royalties were still flooding in from his records, and he and T. Rex were still headlining sell-out shows, but my arrival had sobered up his thinking.’
Marc had discovered he was paying tax at 83p in the £1, so he was setting up a tax-avoidance trust in the Bahamas to give his family financial stability.
Rolan says: ‘Unfortunately, he hadn’t had time to finalise all the details, so although his income was being protected, he hadn’t yet made provision for my mother to have access to the money.’
Indebted to his godfather: Rolan Bolan today
Indebted to his godfather: Rolan Bolan today
The trustees said their hands were tied. An added complication was that Marc was still legally married to his former publicist, June Child.
‘My mother went from a millionaire lifestyle to virtual poverty, and I often went without,’ adds Rolan. ‘But even if we had money, it could never have made up for Dad not being there. Mum tells me I often cried for him.
‘But his warmth and love were there so much through his music.  When I was six, I’d play his records at home. Apparently my favourite was Born To Boogie.
‘It was one of the few reminders I had of him — that, a gold disc and an autographed tambourine.
‘And with all the photographs that exist, and the stories I’ve heard, I can picture us together in my mind’s eye. I can even hear his kiss — it’s as if I am in my cot and he’s leaning over me to say goodnight.’
Soon after Marc’s funeral — where a wreath in the shape of a huge white swan was placed on the coffin — Gloria decided to go home to America with Rolan.
‘We lived in Los Angeles, and things got very tough,’ says Rolan. ‘Dad’s royalties were still going into the trust fund, but because Mum wasn’t his legal wife, and I wasn’t recognised in law as having any rights to his estate because I was illegitimate, we weren’t allowed to benefit.’
His godfather David Bowie came to the rescue. Without publicity, he paid for Rolan’s education and settled other expenses as he was growing up.
‘This allowed me to go to a good private school  and meet children of other celebrities,’ Rolan recalls. ‘The people who knew I didn’t have money of my own said: “Keep your character. Stay who you are.”’
Bowie had been a long-time friend of Marc’s. When Bolan’s career faltered in the mid-Seventies, Bowie encouraged him to make a comeback. Bowie was due to guest star on Bolan’s ITV series — which helped resurrect his career — around the time Marc died.
‘David’s generosity helped my mother and me to survive. It wasn’t just the financial help, but the time and kindness. He never came to see us in California because he lives in New York and hates to travel. But he kept in regular touch by phone and his first and last words every time were: “Don’t hesitate to tell me if there is anything I can do.”
‘He’d shrug off our thanks, saying it was the least he could do for the family of a good friend,’ says Rolan. Extraordinarily, Bowie and the grown-up Rolan have never met. ‘But I’m hoping to visit him soon in New York to tell him how very, very indebted me and my mother are,’ he adds.
Rolan gained a degree in fine arts from university in LA, despite the hard times he and his mother faced. He says: ‘She didn’t want to go back to England and make a fuss about not being able to get access to Dad’s cash.’
Saviour: Legend David Bowie quietly supported his godson
Saviour: Legend quietly supported his godson
Marc’s legal wife June died in 1994, and the problems with the Bolan estate have been settled. Three years ago, Marc’s catalogue of songs and master recordings were sold by the trust fund for £11.5 million and Rolan is to finally benefit with a yearly allowance rather than one lump sum.
Rolan, who has his father’s delicate cheekbones but, unlike him, dresses in a preppy, casual style, says of Marc: ‘I didn’t realise just how much of a rock icon he’d been until I was in my early 20s.
‘My greatest, most personal treasures are some of my dad’s handwritten letters and poetry, and a little cup with a spoon that his friend Ringo Starr, also my godfather, gave to him for my christening. Almost everything else was pillaged from his home by souvenir hunters soon after he died. ‘They didn’t even leave a guitar plectrum.’
In 1997 Rolan was really made aware of his father’s place in rock history when he went to a screening of the movie Born To Boogie, directed by Ringo.
The film showed Marc and  T. Rex performing in sell-out concerts at Wembley Arena. ‘I had never seen him on stage before that and I had never appreciated his magnetism. I was blown away by how powerful he was.’
Rolan formed his own band and toured in America, Europe and the UK, although in a totally different rock style from his father.
He played with the Black Eyed Peas and next month he will be releasing a solo album and single  of his own rock and soul compositions. He has included his version of Marc’s enormous hit, Children Of The Revolution — ‘but I’ve made my own take on it’.
The 20th Century Boy musical will feature 27 of Marc’s hits.   Heading an 11-strong cast, as Bolan, will be George Maguire, whose credits include  Oliver and The Who’s Quadrophenia. It is being directed by director and choreographer Gary Lloyd, who is already enjoying success with the Thriller Live musical about Michael Jackson.
The story will unfold through the adolescent Rolan’s eyes, telling how he sets out to discover more about his late father — not just as a rock star, but as a parent. Rare film footage will show Marc on stage and at home.
Lloyd says: ‘This has taken five years to get to the stage. I’ve always been fascinated by Marc’s ambition-driven story and its tragic ending.’
Co-producer Brian Dunham adds: ‘It is a celebration of Marc’s life, but it will be honest and show all sides of Marc’s character.’
Rolan feels the show will give him more of a chance to learn about his father and for a younger generation to discover him.
Looking back on the difficult life he and his mother have endured, Rolan says: ‘It’s time to move on. It’s been quite a bumpy ride for us, but whenever we’ve talked about Dad, it’s helped us through — it’s almost like therapy.’
He admits, though, that at one time he felt overshadowed when he realised the extent of his father’s enormous fame. ‘I felt lost as a person,’ says Rolan. ‘I felt uncertainty about everything — my heritage, my ambitions, even where my real home was.’
For a year he sought solitude by staying close to the beaches of Santa Monica, California. ‘I’d stare out at the giant crashing waves and try to get my head around who I am and where I am going. I needed that time for reflection.
‘Each time I was in England or Europe people would keep talking to me about my dad, thinking I knew what he was like. It was a lot to live up to. Once, when I was performing with my band in Amsterdam, a guy said to me: “You’re nothing like your father and you never will be.”
‘I said: “Ok, but I’m not trying to be my dad.” What people don’t realise is that I have a different outlook, and I want them to judge my music.’
Rolan adds: ‘So for me, I’ve come a long way. ‘I don’t mind admitting I was once in danger of following  my father’s rock ’n’ roll lifestyle. I was definitely taking a little excess alcohol, for sure. 
‘It was something I had to deal with, so I pulled myself together and now I’m in good shape. I’ve never been happier or healthier.’
  •  20th Century Boy, the musical about Marc Bolan’s life and music will open at the New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich, on September 13, with previews from September 8. Visit wolseytheatre.co.uk or call 01473 295900

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David Bowie and Mariah Carey

 David Bowie
Click for The Man Who
Fell To Earth
Enlarge the image
The disc jockey Steve Wright used to have a funny segment on his Radio 1 show in which an impressionist would make mundane comments in the unmistakable style of David Bowie. And that's the singer's problem - no matter who he plays he is unmistakably David Bowie.
Consequently his best performance was in Nic Roeg's The Man Who Fell To Earth in which he was a skinny alien, a role not a million light years removed from his real-life musical persona of the time. But as vampire John Blaylock in The Hunger and Major Jack Celliers in Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence he made wooden furniture looked animated by contrast.
He cropped up again recently in Ben Stiller's unfunny comedy Zoolander. His screen time was mercifully brief.
Mariah Carey
Click for
The crash and burn horror that was Glitter, a rags to riches saga of a singer - not unlike Carey's own life story, was so breathtakingly bad that it had critics struggling to find suitable images to convey the depths of their dismay.
"An unintentionally hilarious compendium of time-tested cinematic cliches that illustrates the chasm between hopeful imitation and successful duplication," opined The New York Times. "This star vehicle for Mariah Carey is primarily a showcase for her breasts," said the Washington Post.
The universal slating doesn't appear to have put Carey off though. She will next appear in Wisegirls, a mafia caper in which she stars alongside Mira Sorvino.

His parents were both bisexual ego-maniacs so how DID Zowie Bowie turn out so normal?

 The speech was as heartfelt as the man delivering it was unheralded. As he reached the Bafta podium last Sunday, where he was awarded the prize for best debut by a British writer, director or producer, Duncan Jones was overcome.
He gave an introductory 'Um...er...wow', and from that moment he was choking back tears.
'Thank you so much,' he said, in a voice cracking with emotion. 'I didn't actually realise how much this meant to me.' He added, with tears in his eyes: 'It's taken me an awfully long time to know what I wanted to do with my life and finally I have found what I love doing.'
Unusual upbringing: Angie, David and a young Zowie in 1974 when he would be taken on tour with his debaucherous parents
Unusual upbringing: Angie, David and a young Zowie in 1974 when he would be taken on tour with his debaucherous parents
What many in the watching audience did not know was that this bearded, well-built 38-year-old man was the child formerly known as Zowie Bowie.
Yes, the son of David and Angie Bowie, born into an unimaginably dysfunctional family, with both parents addicted to drugs and practising a bizarre sexual free-for-all - Angie described their pairing as rather like a couple of bisexual alleycats.
Their marriage ended in suicide bids, recriminations and a financial pay off.
When he was just a little tot, the boy who was born Duncan Zowie Hayward Jones (Jones is 's real surname) came on a particularly raucous tour to Japan with his mum and dad - there are pictures of an angelic blond boy sandwiched between his two parents, both with razor cheekbones and rooster hair.
For years, when his father was hopelessly addicted to cocaine, and then alcohol, he was raised by a nanny.
The nanny, Marion Skene, was both his mother and father figure. Angie left the family when he was four and David wasn't capable of taking more than an occasional role.
Success: Duncan Jones with his Bafta which he won for writing and directing the film Moon
Success: Duncan Jones with his Bafta which he won for writing and directing the film Moon
'For the first six or seven years of his life I was around so infrequently I can't imagine what an abyss that has caused,' David has admitted.
Home was a rock star mansion in Switzerland and they would holiday on Mustique with Mick Jagger.
David, who lives in New York with his second wife Iman, is proud of his son. He was the first person Duncan called when he stepped off the stage - and I'm told you could hear David's hollers of delight when he heard the news.
So how did Duncan Jones mature from his confused years to become the Bafta award-winning director and writer he is today?
Today Duncan shares a flat with some male friends in Chelsea and has a girlfriend - whom he refuses to name publicly, such is his experience of the limelight.
This week he is in Canada preparing to make a major £30million picture starring the Oscar-nominated Jake Gyllenhaal.
His friend and mentor Trevor Beattie - the advertising guru - tells me: 'Duncan is the most talked about director in Hollywood.'
The story begins in 1969 when David Bowie met the wild-child daughter of a U.S. army colonel, Mary Angela Barnett, known as Angie.
David drawled in an interview: 'We were both f*****g the same bloke.'
She was an art student who wanted to act, with a talent for outrage and a taste for casual sex.
'I was wild and David needed me to help him be wild,' she said. 'I chopped his hair off and dyed it and put him in a dress. I gave him notoriety. He gave me fame.'
It seems to have been an entirely pragmatic pairing - Angie needed a visa to remain in the UK. And it was certainly an open marriage.
They had a threesome with an actress on the eve of their wedding in 1970 and David once asked Angie: 'Can you deal with the fact that I'm not in love with you?'
Angie clearly could. She once declared: 'Free love was natural and simply what one did.'
Their home was the mansion Haddon Hall in Beckenham, just outside London, where they enjoyed a Bohemian lifestyle. Everyone came to stay and make music - Marc Bolan, the Rolling Stones, Marianne Faithfull.
Zowie was born a year after the wedding. Angie says that he was her gift to David and that his birth, on May 30, 1971, was the happiest day of both their lives, and the first and only time she saw David cry.
'He just loved that little boy. I cuddled him and said: "Welcome to the world, Zowie." David stood there with tears in his eyes.'
The name was Angie's idea, a variation on Zoe, which means life in Greek; David had favoured the name Duncan.
Angie had trouble relating to her son from the start. 'Poor little thing, he cried all the time. I had difficulty bonding. You feel your freedom has been taken from you, totally and utterly.
'It's a frightening thing to adjust to. One has such deep doubts about one's ability to act as a good parent.'
Soon after she came out of hospital, Angie fled to Italy for an orgiastic holiday with a bisexual girlfriend.
The tiny baby was dumped with his father. 'I don't know if David ever forgave me,' Angie later said. 'It's one of those things where you look back and think: "Oops, maybe that was it."'
As the Seventies progressed, it became clear the marriage was a sham. Bowie launched his Ziggy Stardust alter-ego and spent months on the road.
He made millions and his cocaine habit took off at a frightening rate.
By 1974, he was pasty, emaciated and hardly able to speak.
'Emotionally and physically I was an absolute shell,' David admitted.
Angie was annoyed when David started openly maintaining various mistresses.
She didn't mind what he did when they were apart, but was furious when she found him with groupies when she was home.
Proud: David Bowie joins his son at the premier of Moon last yearProud: David Bowie joins his son at the premier of Moon last year
Proud: David Bowie joins his son at the premiere of Moon last year
She even said that one morning she walked in to find David naked and asleep in bed with Mick Jagger.
David has always denied any sexual liaison with the Rolling Stone and calls his ex-wife 'delusional'.
David began to regard Angie with contempt, saying that she had 'as much insight into the human condition as a walnut and a self-interest that would make Narcissus green with envy'.
The daily business of raising a small child was too much for either of them. In 1975, they separated, with Duncan going to live in Switzerland with his father.
Marion Skene, their Scottish nanny, effectively became Duncan's mother. He said: 'I've always considered her as my mum, so I never felt I was missing out in any way.'
In 1979, David asked for a divorce and Angie granted him custody of Duncan. She says she knew she would not have been awarded custody as David had pictures of her making love with a woman.
She took a £500,000 payout and signed a ten-year gagging contract. She made at least two suicide bids - but David remained unmoved.
He had other things on his mind - by now he had moved to Berlin and was collaborating with Iggy Pop, and was still battling with his cocaine addiction.
In the depths of his battle for survival, David says, he would look at his young son and think: 'Well, this is worth living for.' But his drug abuse was so extreme that he said he once blew his nose 'and half my brains came out'.
He's been left with a wonky right nostril and huge gaps in his memory as a result.
Despite the trauma his parents were inflicting on each other and their young son, the seeds of Duncan's eventual career had already been sown.

He remembers playing with his father at making stop motion films with an 8mm camera and his collection of Smurf toys.
Bohemian lifestyle: Angie Bowie
Bohemian lifestyle: Angie Bowie never developed a close relationship with her son. They haven't spoken following an argument when he was a teenager
He would flip between being tutored privately and going to school. 'It was a bit all over the place,' Duncan said in an interview, 'but if you're brought up that way it feels very natural.'

He would go on tour with his father and the roadies would play games with him backstage. School holidays were spent in Mustique.

'I'd go to Basil's Bar, eat some banana bread, eat some lobster, read books, watch films, have a swim. The whole Jagger clan would be down there.'
Until this point, Duncan had visited his mother twice a year. But by 1984, the 13-year-old had lost patience with her and told her that he didn't want to see her again.
At the time she was struggling to get clean from drugs and living in New York's trendy Greenwich Village. They had an argument which escalated and she accused her son of being 'bourgeois'. They haven't spoke since.
As a teenager, Duncan boarded at Prince Charles's alma mater, Gordonstoun. Now, he says drily that he could have done with a more nurturing environment.
He got seven O-levels, but he was asked to leave when he was 18 for falling asleep during his A-level English exam.
David, by now teetotal and fitness conscious, was furious. But Duncan had no idea what he wanted to do, and was struggling with his father's fame and the constraints of a very traditional boarding school.
There was no question of his following his father into music - friends say that Duncan cannot play any instrument and is not even vaguely musical. His father tried him out on saxophone, piano, drums and guitar and failed to raise even a glimmer of interest.
Duncan said: 'I was a grumpy, surly, upset, confused person, and of course I had the burden of a lot of people's preconceptions about who I was.'
This was apparent in his change of name - rather confusingly, he had voluntarily gone from Zowie to Joe at the age of 13. But at 18, he decided he wanted to go back to his birth name, Duncan.
With few qualifications, the confused Duncan moved to London to 'find himself' and spent six months working at the legendary Jim Henson's Creature Shop, creators of Kermit the Frog.
Rave reviews: Moon, starring Sam Rockwell, is about a lone astronaut manning a space station
Rave reviews: Moon, starring Sam Rockwell, is about a lone astronaut manning a space station
This lucky break was down to contacts he made while hanging around on the set of his father's 1986 film Labyrinth.
But desperate for anonymity, Duncan returned to Switzerland to work with children with learning disabilities. On a teacher's advice, he took U.S. college entrance exams and won a scholarship to the College of Wooster, in rural Ohio, about as far from the celebrity circuit he had grown up in as it was possible to be.
Three years later, he graduated with a philosophy degree, having managed to keep his identity secret from most of his classmates.
It was rather a juggling act - during one holiday, he was best man at his father's New York wedding to Iman. The witnesses were Bono and Yoko Ono.
Still pursuing his dream of regular life, he followed his then girlfriend, Jennifer Ichida, to Nashville to do a PhD at Vanderbilt University. It was a disaster. 'The relationship didn't work out and I was stuck in Nashville. I think my dad was most confused by it all. He was concerned why I would put myself through that.'
One holiday, David Bowie suggested his son join him on the set of The Hunger, a TV series he was starring in. Tony Scott was the director and he allowed Duncan to roam the set with his own camera.
At last, the lost boy had found his vocation. He successfully applied to London Film School as plain Duncan Jones. Again, he tried hard to stay anonymous, living in a rented flat in Clerkenwell.
Eventually, he made a showreel, which was passed to advertising chief Trevor Beattie.
He offered Duncan a job and they worked together for more than two years. 'He was quite intrigued to work in an office,' says Beattie. 'Then one day he came in with a screenplay for me to read. It was brilliant and I said to him: "What do you want me to do?''
The screenplay was for Moon, Duncan's award-winning sci-fi film about an astronaut who is the only inhabitant of a space station and nearing the end of a three-year tour of duty.
It was shot in Pinewood Studios on a modest £2.5 million budget, which Beattie and Sting's wife Trudie Styler - both executive producers - helped to raise.
The Hollywood 'bible', Daily Variety, described Moon as 'ingenious and trailblazing'. The New York Times hailed it as 'extraordinary'.
'He is a genius in my view, a major talent,' Beattie tells me. 'He is very shy, very courteous and very gentlemanly. You could not meet anyone more polite or with more beautiful manners.
'He is what you would call a very well-brought-up young man. I know that David is very proud of him.'
His former girlfriend Jennifer says: 'He is a fantastic, special person. I was supremely happy all of the time I was with him. He has lots of great friends, is very outgoing and is close to his father. They have a good relationship.'
Angie Bowie, who lives in Arizona with her boyfriend, says that she is also 'thrilled and happy' that her son has won a Bafta for his film Moon, but there is a sting in the tail.
'I am delighted to see his career bloom into flower. I wonder whose creative talents he has inherited?' she tells me.
She adds: 'I went to see the film in Los Angeles last year and I cried. The theme is anger and abandonment and it made me question our relationship. I haven't seen my son since he was a child. I have tried to reach out to him over the years, but for whatever reason he does not want to be in contact.'
Angie says she feels that Duncan is 'messed up' by her abandoning him. She believes the film is about her. But Duncan's friends deny this.
'Angie would say that it was about herself, wouldn't she?' says Trevor Beattie. 'It is categorically not about her and nothing to do with her, but you will notice that whenever he has some success she likes to pop up and claim it for herself.
'He is his own man, and proud to be his own man, and he has achieved his success on his own terms. I have news for Angie which is simply this: "It's not about you, love."'

Armani rock chic: Emperor of good taste loosens up with vibrant homage to Bowie

Young Americans: skinny tailoring and bright pink sequin-covered trilby with leather gloves
Giorgio Armani and David Bowie aren't two names that necessarily trip off the tongue together.
Yet it was the spirit of Ziggy Stardust that was evoked at the Armani Prive couture show in Paris.
Appropriately, perhaps, for a tribute to the Thin White Duke, there was a surfeit of thin white models, their ghostly skin only emphasised by the bright spotlights overhead.
The show started soberly enough, with a series of tiny checked jackets with cinched waists, some livened up by thick metallic leather belts.
The jackets were worn with kneelength pencil skirts, some in black velvet with satin panels.
To add to the "rock chick" vibe, some of the models wore dark glasses studded with diamante.
Then came the colour most unexpected at Armani, a designer more synonymous with beige and navy than the punky hues of fluorescent pink and yellow.
Evidently news of London's pioneering nurave trend has reached Milan, for Armani didn't shy away from using both vibrant colours in his collection.
A fluorescent pink biker jacket in shiny alligator was followed by its twin in fluorescent yellow, both teamed with sober black skirts and matching fluorescent stilettos.
A black frock coat came with a fluorescent pink lining, and a trilby worn at a jaunty angle came embellished with bright pink sequins.
Eveningwear was particularly vibrant. Even when a plain black velvet column dress appeared, it was enlivened by a multicoloured feather boa or a bright fur stole.
armani Diamond togs: bejewelled fabrics and vibrant colours enlivened eveningwear
Enlarge the image
Highlights included a black jet beaded column dress with a racer back and exaggerated pannier hips, and a floor length pink satin column dress with an oversized sculptural bow trailing down its back.
David Bowie Hero:
The effect was one of a fancily wrapped Christmas present - and for Armani's legion of celebrity fans, this extra colourful collection is sure to make them feel as though all their Christmases have come at once.
It was refreshing to see the emperor of good taste loosen up a little and have fun with colour. That Armani tends to ignore current trends is both his strength and his weakness.
He has always danced to his own tune: that he danced to 's last night made a welcome change of pace.
Front row at the show was guest of honour Cate Blanchett, in a Forties-style black knee-length cocktail dress with jet beading at the neckline. She was joined by French actresses Virginie Ledoyen, Camilla Belle and Melanie Thierry.


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David Bowie Top Photos

Fabulous outfit, from the top of his shaggy mane to the bottom of his chunky heels.
Fabulous outfit, from the top of his shaggy mane to the bottom of his chunky heels.

So bold in stance, and yet, with an uncertainty of gaze
So bold in stance, and yet, with an uncertainty of gaze

Bowie and Brian Molko give a significantly homoerotic performance
Bowie and Brian Molko give a significantly homoerotic performance
Hello! Well, today I'm celebrating one year of David Bowie obsession and I'd like to thank you because you're the reason I made my blog and I learnt many things about this wonderful man from you and your tumblog. Your quote "There's no shame in being strange" has really inspired me and I try everyday to be myself, show people who I am and what I like and make others respect me. Bowie and you made me think that way. So, thank very much. Keep up the good work :)

If what I have done here has been of some little help, it means a great deal to me. So much of contemporary culture centers on squashing individuality and celebrating conformity, but ultimately, that leads to stagnation on a grand scale and desperation on a personal one.
Keep up the good work! And hopefully, others will be inspired by your example and will gain the confidence to show who they truly are. Tolerance, understanding, and empathy can spread from one person to another. Though we may never know it, a single act of compassion may spread to affect many lives.
Blessings of Bowie upon you, my friend.
August 1965, waiting for a ferry.
August 1965, waiting for a ferry.

This picture is quite large. I highly recommend clicking through.
This picture is quite large. I highly recommend clicking through.